A picture of the board layout of 5nes5snes-tiny


I’m getting relatively close to making another order from Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB service.  One of the boards I’d like to have made is the Little Wire.  The problem is, it’s so little, it seems like a bit of a waste to only get a board that size made.  So, I thought about other things I can get alongside it and stay within 50mmx50mm, and didn’t come up with much.  Then I remembered that I had intended to clean up the 5nes5snes design and post the files.  I still intend to do that, but for the moment, I want to get some boards made!

The 5nes5snes-tiny differs from the 5nes5snes (and its 4nes4snes counterpart) in the following ways:
– It’s tinier (duh).  It’s slightly under 34x50mm instead of the original 50×50 (1/3 smaller!)
– It uses an ATTiny84A.  This is a much cheaper and physically smaller part with just enough I/O and flash to handle this project.
– It runs different code (again, probably obvious)
– It doesn’t have the spare GPIO and other features that the original 5nes5snes did
Other than that, it’s the same as the earlier 5nes5snes I posted earlier.  Still allows 5 controllers with 8 buttons each or 4 controllers with 12 buttons each.

When I make the code changes for this one (it’s not up and running yet), I’ll port the latest code from the 4nes4snes project as well, so both versions of 5nes5snes will also have the Tribal Tap support (read over at the 4nes4snes page for further details on that).

If you’re interested in running the 4nes4snes on Arduino hardware, go to my previous post for the source code to get it running on ATMega168 (or ATMega88/ATMega328).  It’s not Arduino code, but it will work on any Arduino based on any of those chips and brings out enough GPIO..

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