This page will be the repository for the files needed to replicate (many of) the projects posted on this site.  My plan is to keep them in the form of a table with various information provided for each.

Project NameProject DateHardware FilesSoftware FilesLink to ProjectNotes
5nes5snes (aka MultiSNES)2012/4/1Eagle board and schematic (20% smaller version with fewer unnecessary parts)

PDF schematic
4nes4snes source code (mirrored with permission from RaphNet -- NOTE: To use this project, you MUST use your own USB VID/PID!)

4nes4snes ATMega168 patch

4nes4snes 5-player or 12 button patch
5nes5snes project descriptionProven out. Works in one of two modes: 4 controllers with 12 buttons each, or 5 controllers with 8 buttons each (i.e. 5 real SNES pads)
5nes5snes-tiny2012/7/??Not yet built - unsafe for human consumption.
4Gen-USB2012/7/??Not yet built - use at your own risk.
4Gen-USB-Easy2012/7/??Not yet built, but sure is cute! I wouldn't try it just yet.
SNES Controller on a Board2012/3/??Eagle board and schematic (discrete 10k pull-up resistors)

Eagle board and schematic (bussed 10k resistor packs)

PDF schematic (discrete 10k pull-up resistors)

PDF schematic (bussed 10k resistor packs)
N/AProven out. Support for up to 12 buttons (buttons 9-12 don't exist on SNES controllers, so they are just labeled 9-12).